Everyone who has tried learning a language knows the feeling of not progressing fast enough. Here are some helpful things to remind yourself whenever this happens:

  1. Don’t rush it. The brain requires tons of repetition and practice before a language starts becoming automatic. If you’ve forgotten that new word or sentence pattern for the seventh time already, it might be a sign your brain isn’t quite ready for it. Keep listening and be patient.
  2. Crawl before you walk. Some grammatical rules are picked up later than others. If you keep forgetting how to conjugate that particular tense, let it go for now. You’ll figure it out when the time comes.
  3. Encourage yourself. It’s well known that language learning slows down as you get more advanced. If you’re practicing every day but still feel yourself slowing down, it might just be because you’re getting better without realizing it.
  4. Have fun! Focus on what you can do already with your new language. Watching videos, chatting online, keeping a journal, and listening to podcasts are all things you can start doing from the very first day. As long as it’s fun, it’s worth doing.
  5. Don’t learn it, live it. Learning a language isn’t a race. It’s a lifelong process of discovery and a chance to open your mind, learn new things, and meet new people. Make your language a part of your life, and the learning part will follow.
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